The Symposium themes include but not limited to the following topics:

·         Industrial Fires and Disaster Management
·         Emergency Planning at Industrial Sites
·         Fire Supression Tactics and Techniques for Industrial Fires
·         Fire Detection, Warning and Automatic Extinguishing Systems
·         Design of Business / Production Processes Considering Fire Risks
·         Risk Assessment at Industrial Sites
·         Fire Safety Management
·         Hazardous Substance Originated Risks in Industrial Facilities
·         Explosion Risks in Industrial Facilities
·         Risks Originating From Hot Works (welding, cutting, etc.) at Industrial Sites and Safety Precautions.
·         Main Causes of Industrial Fires and Safety Precautions
·         Industrial Fire Safety Legislation and Standards
·         Inter-agency Coordination
·         Fire Risks Caused by Electrical Installations
·         Building Design and Fire Safety in Industrial Facilities
·         Occupational Health and Safety Practices at Industrial Sites
·         Fire Scene Investigation at Industrial Fires
·         Reporting and Statistics of Industrial Fires,
·         Training, Planning and Exercises for Industrial Fires